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View Your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007

BY IN Information Technology, Microsoft Technologies On 05-04-2011

Google Calendar is a phenomenal web application for managing your calendars, but so many of us are still forced to use Outlook at work. The good thing is you can have the best of both worlds by subscribing to your Google Calendar from Outlook.

The first thing you’ll have to do is get your Google Calendar iCal link. Just open your Google Calendar and go to Settings \ Calendar.

Pick the calendar you want to sync with Outlook. Now in the Private Address field click on the ICAL button. This will show you your private Calendar address. Copy this address to the clipboard.

Now open Outlook and go to Tools \ Account Settings.

In Account Settings choose the Internet Calendars tab, click on New… and Paste the URL you just copied from Google into the location and click Add.

You then get to the subscriptions screen. Give the calendar a name and description and click OK.

You can now see the calendar in the list in the Outlook sidebar panel.

That is all there is to it!  Now I can view my Google Calendar side by side with my personal or work calendar!

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