The Top 5 Facts That Most SEO Companies Won’t Tell

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Ever talk to an “SEO expert” and come away feeling like what they promised you is too good to be true?

That’s what most of our clients experience before they talk to us.

Here’s the truth…

#1: SEO is expensive – The phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than when regarding SEO services. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. You talk to an SEO company, they promise you the world… yet month after month… no changes whatsoever in your positions, rankings and profits.

#2: It takes time and therefore patience – No matter what most SEO experts will tell you, SEO does NOT happen overnight. Just like any other type of marketing, it takes time to build up. If someone guarantees you any ranking you want within “X” days or months… run away… as fast as you can!

#3: It may take 6-12 months to see significant results – As I mentioned above, SEO doesn’t happen overnight. For most of the clients we serve, the results they’re looking for typically happen within 6-12 months. Why? Because your page 1 competition on Google is not there by accident. They’re there because they’ve built the credibility in the eyes of Google by doing the right things.

#4: Positive ROI may take more than a year – This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Getting a positive ROI in most investment takes YEARS… not months. If getting a positive ROI in 12-18 months down the road is too long for you – we probably aren’t fit to work together.

#5: SEO is not finite and must be continuous – The fact is, your top competitors are already beating you in SEO. Why? Because they have an ongoing SEO process which is helping them stay at the top of the search engines. How do you compete with them? By doing even better and ultimately the best.

Probably never thought somebody selling a service would ever be THAT honest with you, did you? The truth is, we’re not looking for sales. We’re looking for long-term CLIENTS.

Big difference!


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